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Sierra Vista Junior High School
Emergency Alert Notification System
PlainsmenAlert is an alert system that allows school officials to contact you during an emergency by sending messages to your:
  • E-mail account
  • Cell Phone
  • Smart Phone
When will PlainsmenAlert be activated?
When an emergency occurs, registered users will be promptly notified via PlainsmenAlert.
Why does PlainsmenAlert exist?
PlainsmenAlert is your connection to real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do, or what not to do, who to contact and other important information. Sending emergency information messages using multiple modes and methods helps assure that those affected are informed of emergencies as soon as possible to help keep them safe.
What should you do when an alert notice arrives?
Take the appropriate actions based on the notice. School officials will provide information about the location of the emergency and actions that students, faculty, staff and parents should take.
PLAINSMENALERT is powered by Remind