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Photography Club » Photography Challenge #3- Music

Photography Challenge #3- Music

Congratulations on finishing your first two photography challenges!
This week, "Music" is the theme! Use your cell phone, or hand held camera to shoot images that show what music looks like, feels like, or what it means to you. Think outside the box! You can shoot instruments, people enjoying music, playing music, lyrics...the possibilities are really endless. 
Check out a few of the examples below.
We learned about high viewpoint last week, and this week I'd like you to focus on Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds basically means you're going to think of your framed picture as if it's divided into nine pieces. 3 on top, in the middle, and on the bottom. Frame your subject so that the most important or interesting points of the picture are in the intersections (where the points cross). Totally confused? No worries. See the picture below, and visit this link for more explanation.
Attempt to frame your "Music" pictures this week by using the rule of thirds!