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Photography Club » Photography Challenge #4- Black and White/What Makes Me Happy

Photography Challenge #4- Black and White/What Makes Me Happy

Your pictures from last week's "Music" challenge were unbelievable! Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your submissions. I was truly blown away by how fantastic your pictures looked. The video shown on SVLife is located in the video tab on the main Photography Club page, so feel free to show your parents and friends your wonderful work. 
The next challenge is shooting in black and white, and the theme is "What Makes Me Happy." If you're shooting on a cell phone, this will be easy since most cell phones have a black and white filter. If you're shooting with a DSLR or other camera, I would highly suggest to adjust your image. (Everyone will be using Picmonkey for the next challenge, but you can get a head start.) It's easy and free! 
Remember to use the tools we've already learned about: high viewpoint, low viewpoint, and rule of thirds. Think about things that make you happy, but try not to shoot the obvious. Like always, think outside of the box! 
With black and white photos, it's important to have contrast. See the images below and come to our meeting Monday at lunch to understand contrast better. 
Remember to send your images to , and email me with any questions.
Good luck!