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Photography Club » Photography Challenge #6- Nature

Photography Challenge #6- Nature

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."-  Dorothea Lange
The SV Photography Club has spoken! According to the survey you took, "Nature" is the challenge theme you were looking forward to the most.  So this week you'll be submitting pictures of the natural world around you. Hopefully you'll get outdoors and capture something you wouldn't normally take the time to notice. 
One of the most famous nature/landscape photographers was Ansel Adams. See a few of his photographs below, and click here to learn more about him.
But don't feel you need to submit black and white photos. Color photographs of your natural surroundings can really capture the season. 
This week, I'd like you to focus on the Point of Interest. Point of Interest is the focal point of a photograph, or where you'd like the focus to be. When someone views your photo, where do you want their eyes to land? You can make your point of interest more noticeable by using the RULE OF THIRDS, and CROPPING your photo as well.
Where are POINTS OF INTEREST in the photos below?
Here are some tips from Digital Photography School on making your point of interest stand out.
Position – Place it in a prominent position – you might want to start with the rule of thirds for some ideas.

Focus – Learn to use Depth of Field to blur out other aspects in front or behind your focal point.

Blur – If you really want to get tricky you might want to play with slower shutter speeds if your main subject is still and things around it are moving.

Size – making your focal point large is not the only way to make it prominent – but it definitely can help.

Color – using contrasting colors can also be a way of setting your point of interest apart from it’s surroundings.

Shape – similarly contrasting shapes and textures can make a subject stand out – especially patterns that are repeated around a subject.