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Photography Club » Love Your #SELFIE Challenge #13

Love Your #SELFIE Challenge #13

I know, I know, I know. "A self portrait challenge?! But I already take a million selfies a week. How is this any different?"
A self portrait and a selfie are different for many reasons. This week I'd like you to challenge yourself to submit a photograph that shows a little about who you are, what you love, how you feel, what interests you, etc. You'll have to use the timer on either your cell phone or hand held camera, NOT hold it in your hand the way you would with a selfie. Here are some examples of what not to do vs. what I'd like to see you attempt.
Take a look and compare these images. Why are the self portraits more interesting and artistic compared to the forgettable selfie?
Which shot is more interesting?
No duck faces, peace signs, or other silly faces.
Take a look at these two teenage photographers who thinks outside the box.
Some things to keep in mind:
1. YOU are the point of interest in a self portrait. Choose a setting that doesn't distract from the subject (you), but rather adds to the tone and feeling of your portrait.
2. Natural light is your friend. If you do shoot indoors, shoot by a window or in a room with good lighting. Because most or all of you don't own lighting equipment, this is your best bet. Avoid using the flash on your camera if at all possible.
3. Set up your camera on a flat surface when using your timer. I do NOT want to see your arms stretching above your head. Use your timers!
4. No cheating! Don't ask your friend to take your picture and try to pass it off as a self portrait. I will know.......
5.You don't have to look at the camera. 
6. Move. I know it sounds weird. We're not taking video. But move! Set up your camera, set the timer, then move and see what your camera captures. Walk, dance, sway, skip... anything! Your picture will look more natural and have more life breathed into it.
Email up to 3 pictures to by Saturday, January 30th. Good luck!