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Photography Club » Capture A Critter Challenge #14

Capture A Critter Challenge #14

This week, it's time to capture a critter! No, you're not going to actually capture an animal, you're going to photograph one. Any animal(s)! Wild or domestic. But keep in mind that the main goal of this challenge is to make your picture look unique and different from the other pictures submitted from the rest of the club. Yes, almost all of us have pets around us. The real challenge is, how will you make your portrait stand out?
Don't have a pet at home? No problem! Animals are everywhere. Put down your phone and go outside (unless you're taking your picture with the phone, which I don't really suggest anymore). Squirrels, birds, butterflies, lady bugs.....they're all around.
Here are some examples.
This week, I want you to shoot outdoors. Unless you have a pet that sits next to a window to give you that perfect lighting for your shot, go outside! Pets are tricky, in that you can't always pose them, so I'd also suggest you use a hand held camera rather than your phone for this challenge. Hand held cameras have a faster shutter speed or exposure than cell phones. Animals move!!! So a slow shutter speed (the amount of time your shutter is open to let light into your camera) won't work. Your shot will be blurry. Now's the time to try out those cameras we have for you to borrow!