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Photography Club » "Put a little love in your heart!"- Challenge #15

"Put a little love in your heart!"- Challenge #15

Take a look at THIS!
This week it's all about perspective. Choose someone you love/like/appreciate/care for/can't live without...someone who makes you smile, then take that person's portrait. (Don't choose a teacher though. We're saving that for Teacher Appreciation Week later this semester.) You'll find that your perspective, or how you see that person, will play a big part in how your picture turns out. 
Step 1
Choose your subject(s). 
Step 2
Tell that person WHY you'd like to take their picture. Explain the challenge and let them know that they've been chosen because they're important to you.
Step 3
Decide on a location to take their picture. Have fun with this! Don't sit in your bedroom. Get outside! Natural light, natural light, natural light! Be mindful of your background.
Step 4
Take their picture.
It's not as easy as it sounds. Do NOT tell them to say CHEESE!! Try to capture their personality. This may take a few attempts. It takes time for people to feel comfortable in front of a camera. You may even want to wait until you're ready to take their picture to tell them WHY you're taking it, then capture that natural reaction.
When taking someone's portrait, you don't necessarily need them to look at the camera either. You're going to get practice in directing someone. Tell them to look just over your shoulder or off to the side. Ask them to sing their favorite song, then snap away when they start to laugh. Instruct them to tell you their favorite memory of you two together and shoot while they're talking to capture a more candid look.
Then send me your favorite shots by Saturday afternoon to