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Photography Club » Numbers and Patterns- Challenge #17

Numbers and Patterns- Challenge #17

Some of you are thinking,"NOOOOOO!!!! This is supposed to be photography, not math!"
I feel you. BUT, this week I'd like you to shoot numbers and patterns. This will force you to think outside the box, because you'll have to really be observant of the world around you to notice numbers, patterns, and shapes.
Here are a few examples.
A Few Tips
Remember to use the rule of thirds when possible.
Shoot with a hand held camera if you have one so your photo can be enlarged. 
Go OUTSIDE or near a window for better lighting. Avoid using your flash.
Turn in a shot that's sharp and in focus
No text on this one
Try shooting your subject from all three view points. (Low viewpoint, high viewpoint, and eye level.)
Have fun and good luck!
Send your pictures to by Sat., March 5th at 3:00 pm