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Photography Club » The Golden Shoe Award!

The Golden Shoe Award!

My high school English teacher, Mrs. Mohler, used to throw her shoe at us if we bored her. She would literally take her shoe off and throw it at her students. So if you were going to write something, present a project, read out loud, or answer a question, you would have to try your best not to bore her or you'd have a shoe flying at your head. She was wonderful and we loved her to pieces. At the end of the school year she'd give out The Golden Shoe Award, which was just a shoe that had been spray painted gold, but we all wanted it! It went to the student who tried their best and put effort into all they did.
So this week I'd like you to shoot whatever you'd like, and the picture you submit will be enlarged and displayed at Open House. This is a chance for you to really show what you've learned in photography club this year. One photographer will be awarded The Golden Shoe Award, in honor of my late teacher. Please follow the rules below.
1. MUST follow the rule of thirds.
2. No pets
3. No selfies
4. Keep your shot in focus
5. Shoot with a hand held camera if possible
6. Do NOT submit old pictures. Take something new this week.
7. Think outside the box! If you've already shot a sunset and your cat, try to notice something else in your environment that's interesting and visually pleasing.
8. REPRESENT! What I mean is, I should look at your photo and get a feel for who you are, and how you see the world around you.
9. Write 1-2 sentences in your email to me that explains why you chose the picture you submitted. Explain to me why the image spoke to you. What's the tone of the picture?
 Here are some examples.
Remember when I told you to go outside?! I meant it! Go outside! There are plenty of places in Santa Clarita to explore! Here are a few ideas.
Iron Horse Trail and Bridge
Hart Park Historical Society
Placerita Canyon
Send me your pictures by Saturday at 7:00 pm to
Good luck on your quest for The Golden Shoe!