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Photography Club » Challenge #19- 'You've got to move it, move it!'

Challenge #19- 'You've got to move it, move it!'

Capture action this week! Jumping, dancing, kicking, running....shoot an image of movement!
You can stage a photograph (use a model to deliberately move for you), shoot an object in motion (bike, car, train, animal), or you can even photograph the 4 on 4 basketball tournament going on everyday at lunch this week on the basketball court. 
When shooting action, you'll need to adjust your settings. For most of you, that will mean switching your camera's setting to the sports icon as seen below.
I'll be at the basketball courts throughout the week taking shots of my own, and you're welcome to join me! Otherwise, you can shoot whatever movement you'd like. 
Remember to observe the rules we've discussed before, and keep your photo in focus. You an always use to edit your photo before submitting it.
Send your pictures to me by Saturday at 6:00pm, to Good luck, and think outside the box!