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Hello! I have had the pleasure of teaching science at Sierra Vista for 13 years. I graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Public Health Education and am credentialed in both Health Education and Science. I'm looking forward to another fun year!


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Class Folder (Quarter 2)

Class Folder Q2
1. Carbon Cycle Reading
2. Water Cycle Bag
3. What are cells?-Anticipation Guide
4. Cells
5. Name that system
6. Levels of Organization
7. Skeletal/Muscular Notes
8. Skeleton Diagram
9. Circulatory/Respiratory Notes
10. Have a Heart
11. Feel the Beat
12. Digestive/Excretory Notes
13 .Physical vs. Chemical changes
14. Nervous/Integumentary Notes
15. "How handy are you?" -Lab
16. Nervous System Notes
17. Quizlet-Bill Nye:Skin
18. Using the Microscope

Body Systems Project Resources

Class Folder (Quarter 1)

1. Life Assessment
2. Safety Crossword
3. Got Life Doodle Sheet
4. Characteristics of Life Notes
5. Salt/ Pepper Article
6. Energy Story WebQuest 
7. Systems Chart 
8.What is it's role? 
9. Energy Flow in Organism 
10. Food Chain Flow Chart 
11. Food Pyramid Questions 
12. Energy Pyramid MODEL
13. 10% Rule DEMO 
14. They're in a relationship 
15. Types of Symbiosis 
16. Examples of Symbiosis 
17. Learning about Symbiosis
18. What Makes Plants Grow? 
19. Photosynthesis Notes