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Mrs. Caneday's Team Gold Rush English Page

Welcome to English 8 on Team Gold Rush! I am looking forward to helping you develop your analytical reading, effective writing, attentive listening and eloquent speaking skills!
Some important dates to note as we begin second quarter:
(Please note that dates are subject to change.)
  • Reading Response 1 due October 26
  • Reading Response 2 due November 2
  • Reading Response 3 due November 9
  • Reading Response 4 due November 30
  • Reading Response 5 due December 7
  • Reading Response 6 due December 14
  • There will be no reading responses assigned the weeks of November 19, December 3, December 17
RC Tests
  • RC Test 3: Testing as a class November 14
  • RC Test 4: Testing as a class December 18
  • Enriched RC Test due December 18
  • Students may take an early RC test any day during RELAX, and most days before school, during lunch, or after school.
  • Writing Practice: assigned October 22, due October 26
  • "The Outsider" Partial Essay: assigned November 5, due November 8
  • Legendary Monsters Informative Essay: assigned November 6, due November 22
  • Diction Diary: Assigned October 29, due December 10
  • Career Infographic: assigned December 11, due December 13
  • Collection 2 Movie Pitch: assigned December 17, due December 20
Late Work
Late work is always accepted without penalty!
Late work will be updated every other Friday, on the following dates: November 16, November 30, and December 14.
  • In order to be included in the progress report grade: November 13
  • In order to be included in the report card grade: December 17
If you submit late work after these dates, I'll do my best to grade it before the grading period ends, but I cannot guarantee it.