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Course Description

Important Information:  Rome Quiz on Friday, Sept. 13th. 

Homework Club is offered from 2:15-3:15pm on Mondays in 302, Wednesdays in 302 and Thursdays in 105.

Students will be bringing home a class syllabus and Spurs Team Letter for parent/guardian signatures. Please have students return these. Thank you. 
Homework for week of Sept. 3rd
9/16: Desert/Oases Pictures 
9/17: Coastal Plains/Mountains Pictures 
9/18: None 
9/19: Finish Muhammad Questions 
9/20: None 
9/9: None 
9/10: Finish Chapter 1 Section 4 "Lasting Contributions of Rome" Wksht. 
9/11: None 
9/12: Finish Byzantine Intelligence Report, Study for Rome Quiz Tomorrow 
9/13: Byzantine Intelligence report will be collected Monday 

Table of Contents:
1. Primary and Secondary Sources
2. Marcus Aurelius/Stoicism
3. Emperor's Chart
4. Chapters 1 and 2 Vocabulary Triangles
5. Twelve Tables (Roman Law)
6. Page 6
7. "The Western Empire Collapses" Annotation, Summaries, and Questions
8. Can You Stop the Fall of Rome? Directions