Library Staff

Library Staff

Mrs. Lorraine Fulleman, Teacher Librarian


Contact:  Mrs. Fulleman


Librarians who work in the Wm. S. Hart School District are called Teacher Librarians.  A Teacher Librarian must have a Bachelor's Degree, a California Teaching Credential in any subject, and a credential in Library Services. In addition to the required education, Mrs. Fulleman has a Master's Degree in Library Information Science.   She is responsible for teaching information literacy skills to the students, managing the library and its programs, and assisting the faculty with instructional design.  Integration of technology into the curriculum is also her responsibility. 



Mrs. Kathi Kulesz, Library Media Technician

Contact:  Mrs. Kulesz


The Library Media Technician is a paraprofessional that provides support for the everyday operations of the Library Media Center.  Mrs. Kulesz is highly qualified for her position from years of experience and holds a Library Technician certificate from Cuesta College.  Some of the many things Mrs. Kulesz does as a technician is to prepare books to be shelved, place orders for materials, help students to find favorite books, help students use the research programs, and answer questions about the library.  She also maintains the textbook collection for the school.

Student Library Workers - 8th graders only

Student Library Aides work at the library during their free time before or after school, or brunch and lunch. To be a Student Library Aide, complete the online application from the SV Library home page, after we announce that we are hiring. This position will give you valuable work experience.  Plus you may earn credits at the ASB office to buy any item that they sell.  Or, you may use your work hours for community service.
Library Student Service (elective class) work at the circulation desk, shelf books, make deliveries and assist the Teacher Librarian and/or the Library Media Technician in any way possible. Library Student Service earn a pass or fail grade.

For shelving books and Dewey Decimal Training.  Click HERE