Student E-Resources

How to log in to a student Google Account for the FIRST time
Note - this is for incoming 7th Graders who did NOT set up an account during summer school, and for NEW 8th Graders. Returning students will have the same Google password as last year. 
Your Google Account will give you access to your Gmail, Google Classroom, Infinite Campus, and all of your Google Apps for Education.
Click the pdf link below for step-by-step directions to set up your account's password.  Be sure to write down the 9 digit minimum password you create in a place you can quickly find it such as in a note on your phone or your school planner (binder reminder).
Student Google Password Reset Request
Students having trouble logging in?  See Mrs. Fulleman at the SV Library for password assistance during the school day.
Everything Google - tips and tricks in helpful How-to videos - Click HERE
ReadnQuiz - You may only take a quiz in your English Class with your teacher's permission
Click HERE to login.  Ask you English Teacher for your UN and PW.
How to find lists of e-resources your teacher posted for a research project by using your Library Destiny Account
Click HERE for the video directions

How to Cite your Sources
Remember to cite your sources (give credit and information about the resources you used)
For the Science Fair Project - the citation style we use is APA 7
Click here for a quick guide on citing sources in APA style
Click here to see how to set up your References page of the resources that you used in APA 7 style
Click here to learn how to set up your References page with a hanging indent with either Microsoft Word or Google docs.
For notes from Mrs. Fulleman's APA and resources lesson, click the pdf below
MLA (Modern Language Association) 
Your other classes will use MLA for a Works Cited page.  Details on how to cite sources may be found HERE or in your binder reminder - click below for that pdf page with examples of the most commonly used sources. Our database, Worldbook Online has a free citation creator option. 
Here's a link on how to Cite a Ted Talk

Free!  Live online Tutoring Help

This is through our public library.  You may get help in all subject areas.
Click HERE to get started.

E-versions of our local newspapers

The Los Angeles Daily News e-version

We have The Los Angeles Daily News online. It has the newspaper in full-text with all graphics, plus there are online educational games and activities. Click HERE. Then click on Student Login at the top. The class ID/username is this string of numbers: 10095 and the class password is the school name (all lowercase) and the number 1   When you click on read today's paper, you will be prompted to create a new account. Use your Google username and password when setting it up.

The Signal e-version

We also have The Signal newspaper online. To log in, click HERE , then click on "Sign in " on the top right of the page. The user name is Mrs. Fulleman's email address: [email protected]  The password is the school name (all lowercase)
and the number 1    

Other Sources for current events


General Reference Sites - Search engine with authoritative sources. Click on the quotation mark icon under the link of the resulting website that you use, to get your source citation for a Works Cited. - Online access to museums from around the world - The Smithsonian Institute for History, Science and Art - New York Public Library's digital image collection - Index to over 25,000 famous people for biographies. - Biographies of a million people! - Online Encyclopedia - Lots of homework help information - A virtual Library Reference Desk - Online dictionary, thesaurus and more. - Want to write your own graphic novel?  Get started with this fun site. - Free ebooks and audio books - How to do a hanging indent for a Works Cited in Google Docs.


Links for Assignments




Mandala Art Research - Description of Mandala art - Purpose of Mandala art - How to draw your own Mandala design Online art exhibits

Careers: - The full text online version of the Occupational Handbook. - Online quiz about yourself that will suggest jobs - Web site helps you figure out your monthly living expenses and how much money you need to earn from your job to have that life style. - More info on a variety of careers - Find occupations by your interest - Search for careers and colleges that have majors in your interest area - Type in name of occupation you are interested in. A list of occupations in that field will come up. Click on “Summary” to get information on the one you want. - Lists current salaries by regions


Reading log tips
   This can help you remember what you've read.

Fairy Tales / Legends 

Alice in Wonderland 
Beauty and the Beast - discussion and annotation of the story 
Bigfoot Legends 
Bloody Mary  
Gingerbread Man, The
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Hansel and Gretel 
Jack and the Beanstalk
Kachi Kachi-Yama - Japanese folk tale means "Fire-Crackle Mountain"
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The 
Little Engine that Could, The - synopsis and analysis of the story
Little Mermaid, The 
Peter and the Wolf 
Princess and the Pea
Puss in Boots 
Snow White 
Stone Soup 
Three Billy Goats Gruff 
Ugly Duckling

Poetry - A site by poet Kenn Nesbitt. Contains funny poems, advice on writing poetry and games Poet Bruce Lansky's site with more poems and poetry writing help. Americans from ages 5 to 97, from every state, of diverse occupations, kinds of education and backgrounds. share their favorite poems online. - An online poetry workshop for grades 4-8 with Karla Kuskin. - Poetry writing techniques and how to get published. - Descriptions and examples of sonnets - Examples of Odes by John Keats


Native Americans "Numbers mania infographic"  (Ms. Kontis' students)
Login chart for UN & PW for databases

Database articles (note that source citations are at the bottom of database articles or in the toolbox of the article)

Gale Database: 
General overview of early Native Americans and Europeans with links to additional articles 
Timeline of Iroquois before/after the American Revolution

SIRS Discoverer
Article that includes population statistics of Native Americans
Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwestern U.S.

Britannica article:
General information about the many tribes and cultures of Native Americans in north America
Worldbook Online article:
General information with links to specific regions where tribes lived

Website: - about Native Americans by region
Citation for this article - “Native Americans.” National Geographic Kids, National Geographic, Accessed November 2023.
Website:  General information with links from the History Channel.  Citation for this article - Native American History: Tribes, Timeline & Reservations | HISTORY, Accessed November 2023.

                                                                                       Math - The purpose of this site is to present a small portion of the history of mathematics through an investigation of some of the great problems that have inspired mathematicians throughout the ages. - A fun math game of pool! The interactive paper pool game in this i-Math investigation provides an opportunity for students to further develop their understanding of ratio, proportion, and least common multiple. - Article about 17 famous equations that are used today, and who invented them.


Science News for Students 

Body Systems

Kids Health
Khan Academy
Biology Dictionary -
How Stuff Works - Dorling Kindersley reference site How are body systems work together Overview of the body systems and diseases Human body vocabulary games From KidsKonnect, February 21, 2018 - Virtual safaris in Africa. 
Our Databases: Log in with the school info (found in Binder Reminder) and search World Book Student and Gale Research in Context (General Research).
Brain Pop: Log in with the district information and search for the system


Disability Research Project

Websites with lists and links on many disabilities: - Info regarding most common disabilities that students have
ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) -
Autism -
Blindness -
Colorblindness -
Diabetes -
Down Syndrome -
Dwarfism -
Multiple Schlerosis -
Parkinson's Disease -
Polio -
Tourette Syndrome -

Dissections Online

Eye dissection: - Virtual eye dissection - Optical illusions - More optical illusions

Frog dissection:


For a writable copy of the template for the CD cover click below:

1. - video clips of the elements
2. - The Periodic Table with links - shows prices of elements.
3. - Great page for pictures of your elements.
4. - The periodic table with information on each element
5. - The Periodic Table of Comic Books. Click on the links to see where an element is referenced in a comic book.
6 . - The Periodic Table from Jefferson Labs
7 . - Click on an element symbol for more information.
8. - Good description of uses of elements.
Elements Games: Get your teacher's approval to play these during class time!!!
9. - Flashcard game. Be certain that you select "yes" in the blue box to the question "1st 36 elements only" to avoid getting the entire table.



Owls, Endangered Species  - List of endangered owls.  Select one with these initials to the right of their name: EN = endangered or CR = critically endangered


Plate Tectonics - Plate tectonics and volcanoes web quest


Science games - to be played during class time ONLY with teacher permission: - Evolution vocabulary speed match review game Natural selection game - more like guessing the results of experiments with natural selection Fossil dig simulation - The evolution experience game

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