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Parents » Reporting Absences

Reporting Absences

Report Absences

To report an absence, please call the attendance office at (661) 252-3113, ext. 2 or email, on the day of the absence. Every absence must be verified by a parent or guardian. An automated phone message will be sent home in the evening if an absence remains un-cleared. If an absence is not cleared within 72 hours (either by phone or written note) it will be recorded as a unexcused.

Attendance Philosophy
All absences and tardies have a negative effect on instructional flow, regardless of the cause of the absence or the attempts to make up work. The school cannot teach pupils who are not present, and the classroom experience can never be replaced with assignments outside of school. Regular interactions of students with one another in the classroom and their participation in a well-planned instructional activity under the guidance of a competent teacher are fundamental requirements of a sound educational program.

Studies show that there is a direct relationship between good school attendance and student achievement. Therefore, we encourage you, as parents, to reinforce the importance of good school attendance and to make every effort to send your child to school on a regular basis.