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Library Policies

HOURS Our Library opens at 7:15 a.m. and is open after school (closing time varies based upon staff availability). We provide an atmosphere for all students to study and read in. Students can read a wide selection of books or magazines for pleasure, do homework or conduct research for projects.

CONDUCT Students are expected to respect the rights of all library users in the use of the library facility and library materials. Acceptable behavior is conducting research, reading, studying, or checking-out /returning materials. Students with unacceptable behavior; loud voices, eating/drinking, socializing or disturbing others, misusing computers, will face disciplinary action. These actions include standards, detention, and permanent exclusion from the library. Cell phones must be turned off (not vibrate) when entering any school building, including the library.

BORROWING A current student I.D. cards is required when materials are checked out. A limit of six books per student at any one time is allowed. Holds may be placed on books to reserve them for a student upon their return.

LOAN PERIOD Books are due on Monday approximately three weeks from the date borrowed. You may return books before they are due. You may keep books longer than three weeks only if you bring them in to renew, on or before the due date. Encyclopedias, reference books and selected magazines are overnight check-out only. Overnight materials such as magazines are due before school the next day.

COMPUTER USE Computers are for school related work only. This restriction is due to the heavy demand for our 20 student computers. Students must agree to our Acceptable Use Policy on our website in order to use computers on campus. Software programs available are Microsoft Office, math tutorials, and a filtered Internet.  A donation is requested for printing in the following amounts .10 cents a page for black and white, .25 a page for color. 

BOOK DONATIONS The Sierra Vista Library accepts donations of books in good condition, age appropriate, and/or curriculum based. The donation may be for a special occasion such as a birthday or just a book your student has enjoyed reading. Hard cover copies are preferred. We appreciate families thinking of us throughout the year.

SIGN-IN During regular classroom periods, students coming to the library without a teacher must have a pass and check in with the teacher librarian.

RESPONSIBILITY Students are responsible for returning materials on time and in good condition. Fines for damaged or lost materials must be paid or report cards will be held quarterly. There are no late fees. Five steps of action are taken for overdue materials.
Step One (book out over three weeks or damage/loss fines assessed)
Book is not returned or renewed on the due date or before. Student's name is placed on the Lost Privilege List (LOP) immediately, the student may not check out other books or materials.
Step Two (book out four weeks, overdue one week)
Student will receive an emailed late notice and bill for the cost of their book.
Student is urged to return materials immediately. Name remains on the LOP list.
Step Three (book out five weeks, overdue two weeks)
E-mail or letter is sent home to parents informing them of missing book or fine that needs to be paid. Name remains on the LOP list.
Step Four (book out six weeks, overdue three weeks)
Student may be assigned 30 minutes detention in the Library after school. Name remains on the LOP list.
Step Five (book out seven weeks, overdue four weeks)
Student's name remains on LOP list and all school activities are restricted. Student is referred to the AP or counselors.
District Acceptable Use Policy for Online Services Access
The parent and student signatures on the back of your emergency card confirms your agreement to the district's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Click HERE to review this policy.