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Erin Choi awarded the Middle School Kid Guard for Education Scholarship

Congratulations Erin Choi who was awarded the Middle School Kid Guard for Education Scholarship. In the current age of technology, Kid Guard aims to bring awareness and inspire solutions relating to issues including cyber bulling, online predators, teen suicide, and childhood depression. Erin shares, "Cyber bullying can be prevented by securing the accounts and reporting abusive accounts. It can also be prevented by not saying anything mean in the first place. These methods may be obvious and simple, but they can be very effective. Cyber bullying can affect a person's life very much. It can be the cause of bad grades, absence, or even ending a person's life. It is a subject that should be thought about more. People should take it more seriously, and try to prevent it." Congratulations Erin and thank you Kid Guard for all you do to support students.