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Student Lunch Applications

Student Breakfast/Lunch Application: Please complete a Breakfast/Lunch application for your student each year they are at Sierra Vista.
Even if you don't think they may qualify, it helps us as a school and the information you share on the form is confidential. 
Click Here to complete the application online. Completing the application online decreases the time for approval and is highly recommended. You can also complete a paper form of the application and turn it in at Sierra Vista to the health office. Just call us and we can provide one to you.
Eating healthy and being nourished is very important for students. It has a strong impact on their functioning at school, the ability to concentrate, learn, a student's overall mood and health. It is important that students are eating healthy meals and developing good eating habits as they are growing and developing. Students should have a good meal before starting school and follow up with healthy eating, while at school in order to be able to have the fuel and energy for their bodies to function and their brains to learn. Making sure that students are adequately hydrated and not hungry will contribute greatly to their success. 
Please make sure your child has access to healthy food and snacks while in school. The school Breakfast/Lunch program makes that easy. Healthy eating habits and nutrition is vital to their growth and development. We don't want any of our students going hungry and if you have any concerns regarding this, please reach out to the counselors. 
During Distance Learning:  lunches may be picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12-2 pm.  Lunches are distributed near the gate, by the  Boys' and Girls Club,  in the parking lot located on Stillmore Street. Families are able to order up to 5 days of lunches in advance for pick up at one time. Families in the program have been able to receive assistance as a part of this program to help cover increased food expenses at home while children are participating in distance learning. Parents are given cards that they can use to purchase food at grocery stores.
For more information on the programs offered: Click Here for a link to our District program
Video Presentation for Incoming Students:  Daily Life at Sierra Vista: