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Information for Parents

grading scale: 
A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 89%
C = 70 - 79%
D = 60 - 69%
F = 59% and below
Parents and Students should monitor grades weekly on Infinite Campus.
Each quarter is 10 weeks. All Report Cards are posted on Infinite Campus.
Progress Reports for the term occur after the 5th  week. Make note of these dates
Term Report Cards occur after 10 weeks and grades are then final for the quarter. 


In junior high students will earn credits for successful completion of a class. These credits accumulate towards promotion to high school. Credits are points that are earned with a D grade or better for each class. Each quarter class has a value of 2.5 credits. Therefore a total of 15 credits per quarter can be earned by passing the 6 classes taken. Credits are not earned if a Fail is earned.  Students should earn 60 credits in 7th grade and 60 credits in 8th grade for a total of 120 credits. If a 7th grade student fails more than one class they are recommended to attend Summer School to make up those lost credits.  To be eligible for the 8th grade end of the year promotional activities, a minimum of 107.5 credits must be earned. Students who do not earn enough credits need to attend summer school for remediation/intervention. Students who have less than 107.5 credits by the end of their 8th-grade year may be put into a remediation program in high school.


Failing grades and lost credits can ONLY be made up in summer school.  Students may earn 10 credits in summer school. Summer School typically operates during the month of July beginning around July 1st and lasting for approximately 5 weeks.  


All Sierra Vista students were given a student planner/binder reminder from the school. Please review the binder reminder with your student because the first 20 pages contain important information about the school. In all academic classes, the teacher will ask your child to take out the student planner to write down that night’s homework. If there is no homework, your child should write No Homework. You may check the planner nightly to make sure that your child is completing all of the homework.


If you’re worried that your child may not be writing down all of the homework, you can ask him/her to see the teacher after class and the teacher will initial the daily homework assignment. Please remember that it is your child’s responsibility to write down the assignment, complete the assignment, and turn in the assignment on time. We believe that the binder reminder is an invaluable communication tool between school and home. Please use it to monitor your child’s homework on a regular basis. We find that students who use the binder reminder regularly are successful at Sierra Vista.


How can my child get help with homework?

If your child needs help with homework, he/she should attempt to see the teacher before or after class if not during. Encourage your child to get the phone numbers of “study buddies,” students in each class who he/she can call for help. 

 Daily Life at Sierra Vista: