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Department Chairperson - Judy Parkinson 

In alignment with the California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Discipline Specific Model, the two years of science at Sierra Vista Junior High are divided thematically between seventh and eighth grade. Please see the link below for the California Framework for the 6th-8th Grade NGGS Discipline Specific Course Model for more details. Students focus on life science in seventh grade and on physical science in the eighth grade. NGSS lessons tie together science content, engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts in order to help students discover how different science disciplines are interrelated. NGSS focuses on critical thinking and problem solving in science. Science is considered to be the process of learning based on asking meaningful questions followed by conducting careful investigations. Communication is stressed as a major component of science with technology incorporated into presentation of ideas. Vocabulary building is stressed as a key part of unlocking understanding of science concepts. Laboratory work is used throughout a school year to develop and enhance student learning.  Alternative assignments may be given if lab and/or safety rules are violated.

Life Science topics include:

• Interdependent Ecosystems
• Photosynthesis and Respiration
• Cells and Body Systems
• Evidence of Evolution
• Inheritance and Genetics
• Natural Selection

For the 7th grade life science course the content area will also include Healthy Choices, Relationships, and Lifestyles curriculum.

Physical Science topics include:
• Energy of Motion
• Gravity and Energy Related to Position
• Electricity and Magnetism
• Wave Energy
• Thermal Energy and Heat Flow
• Chemical Energy and Reactions