Late and Missing Work for Q3

Dear Students and Families,

All late assignments that have been turned in have been graded and entered in IC. 

If an assignment shows as MISSING in IC, then it is Missing.  It may still be turned in 

until 3:00pm on Wednesday, March 18.  


Classwork for English Distance Learning doesn't begin until Wed., March 18 at 9:00am

as the District has directed.  I do plan to open the assignments for this week early so that 

students may begin working if they choose.


There will be an assignment in Google Classroom that is titled MISSING RRLs.  There will be

another assignment in Google Classroom that is titled ALL OTHER MISSING WORK from Q3. 

If you would like to make up any missing assignments, they will have to be submitted in these  

folders by 3:00pm on Wed., March 18.  


Please be sure to read ALL THE DIRECTIONS for each assignment in Google Classroom.  I 

will be working to include all information you need to complete assignments.


Thank you,

Mrs. Meadows