Mrs. Meadows's Spurs English Classes



Missing RRLs in Google Classroom

There is an assignment set up in Google Classroom for missing RRLs.
When you type, include the:
RRL # (which one is missing?)
NUMBER OF PAGES READ for each of your three entries.  

Distance Learning for the Week of 3/16-3/20

Your English assignment for this week has been posted in Google Classroom.  

Late and Missing Work for Q3

Dear Students and Families,

All late assignments that have been turned in have been graded and entered in IC. 

If an assignment shows as MISSING in IC, then it is Missing.  It may still be turned in 

until 3:00pm on Wednesday, March 18.  


Classwork for English Distance Learning doesn't begin until Wed., March 18 at 9:00am

as the District has directed.  I do plan to open the assignments for this week early so that 

students may begin working if they choose.


There will be an assignment in Google Classroom that is titled MISSING RRLs.  There will be

another assignment in Google Classroom that is titled ALL OTHER MISSING WORK from Q3. 

If you would like to make up any missing assignments, they will have to be submitted in these  

folders by 3:00pm on Wed., March 18.  


Please be sure to read ALL THE DIRECTIONS for each assignment in Google Classroom.  I 

will be working to include all information you need to complete assignments.


Thank you,

Mrs. Meadows

Team Spurs English (7th)

Welcome to Team Spurs English!  Pertinent information about our English class has been shared with you through our English Orientation.  
Please remember that each student must take two (2) Reading Counts quizzes each quarter by the posted deadlines.  Books are read as a homework and RELAX assignment.  Quizzes are taken during RELAX, at lunch and after school in room 102 only with Mrs. Meadows present.  The quiz schedule is posted on my classroom window and also at the front of the classroom.  Please remember that weekly Reading Response Logs (RRL) that you have as homework are meant to help you prepare and review for your quizzes.  
Q1 deadlines are:
RC1 due 9/11
RC2 due 10/16
Q2 deadlnes are :
RC1 due 11/13
RC2 due 12/17

English Information for Q2

(S)RC Deadlines for Q3:
Please plan to read your (S)RC books and take tests on them by these dates:
(S)RC1 due 2/4/19
(S)RC2 due 3/18/19
Remember these tests MUST be taken in my classroom on a computer while I am present to record your score.  These tests are taken on your time as (S)RC requirements are homework requirements in English.  Testing days and times are:
LUNCH:  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during Q3
RELAX:  on  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
AFTER SCHOOL:  any day except Tuesdays
Regular English Homework:
Each Friday, students will receive a blank Reading Response Log (RRL).  It is due the following Friday.  Students are to use these RRLs to summarize what they have read during their three times/week reading homework for English class.  Each entry should be five to six (5-6) sentences long and include all the important information from that day's reading.  These may be used as "study guides" right before students take a required SRC test.

Q3 Late and Missing Work for English (Meadows)

All late and missing work for Q3 is due no later than 2:30 pm on Monday, March 18, 2019.
Please see Mrs. Meadows if you have questions.

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